Due to Covid-19 this race has been cancelled for 2021 We really hope to see you in 2022
Due to Covid-19 this race has been cancelled for 2021 We really hope to see you in 2022 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to run?

Minimum age is 12. Runners who are 12-14 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian the entire length of the run. Any minor (17 and under) must have their waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to run. Families running together will be treated as a team/group and will run in the team waves behind the individual runners.

What should I bring?

-Appropriate shoes that can get muddy/wet

-A towel, or two

-A change of clothes

-Cash for food and drinks


What kind of ID do I need to bring?

Just bring one of these and you'll be fine.

State issued ID

Drivers License

College ID

Birth certificate

Minors don't need ID if their parent/legal guardian has signed their release.

What kind of terrain will I be running on?

Hilly, through-the-woods, tree roots, rocks, pond, creeks, pasture, mud, a little sand, muck up to your knees, terrain built for warriors!

Is this race for elite athletes?

We built the Cherokee Challenge to be a fun and awesome race for everyone, beginner or advanced. There will be some obstacles you might call "easy," and some that you will need all your strength and help from other runners to accomplish. Do keep in mind, to win prizes, there is a three strike rule for completeing obstacles. Three strikes and you are out!

Do I have to run the whole time?

If you want to try to win first place, you do! But if your not worried about it, feel free to run or walk the course at your own pace.

How many obstacles do you have?

we have nearly 30 obstacles in the Cherokee Challenge Run, big and small. One thing you can be sure of, some of them you will need help with. 

What if I can't finish an obstacle?

We ask that you try every obstacle but if you are unable to comlete it.  You will have a penalty to "pay"  of 10 burpees or 20 Jumping Jacks (choose your challenge), then you can move on and continue the race.  If you want to win prizes, make sure you only "pay" for three or less obstacles though. 

How do the start times work?

When you register for the race, we will ask you to tell us your average time to run one mile. We will then line up the runners based off these times. The fastest times will be placed in the first waves, the slower times in the back waves. Be truthful because this helps everyone as it spreads out our runners which will cause less bottlenecks and will make your race time faster. If you don't know your average mile time, thats fine. Just choose the "I don't know" option in registration.

Can my friends/family run together as a team?

When you go through the registration process, you are asked for your TEAM NAME. Please notice that this implies you have registered your team name during registration. Your teammates/friends/family will be put into the same starting wave.  If you have more than 5, consecutive waves will be assigned. There will be an award for the fastest team of 4 or more.  Teams/groups/families will run behind the individual runners to cause less bottlenecks and to give everyone faster times.

What kind of awards will be given?

This challenge will push everyone to the limit, so everyone who finishes will receive a custom finishers medal and racer t-shirt. Besides that, we will have five different awards categories, fastest male 12-30,  fastest female 12-30  fastest male 31+,  fastest female 31+,  and fastest team of 4 or more.

If I register too late, do I really not get a t-shirt or medal?

We have to put our orders in for these pretty early. You are only guaranteed racer gear if you register before April 1st But hey, you can still race and have a great time! And remember, it's for kids to go to summer camp. 

My alarm didn't go off! I'm late! Can I still run?

Sure you can! But you probably will be bumped to the end of the starting times if you're too late. 

Can my friends/family come and watch?

Sure! We will have spectator designated areas. Just try to carpool as we have limited parking space.

OK, I just finished the race. How do I clean off?

We will have a multi-hose-off station where you can get most of the mud out of your teeth and hair. We however do not have any public changing rooms. But going home a little muddy is part of the fun!

Where can I find pictures?

Photos will be available within a few days after the race, We will be posting a link on the website to get pictures.

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